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The main concern that has put an indefinite impression on GlascoGraphix is the understanding of the human condition. Our world has lost its sense of compassion, values, morals and ethics. Many blame the entertainment industry and its lack of the previous mentioned topics. The only will that exists is the will of individual finacial advancement. GlascoGraphix's goal is to recapture some of those qualities through original comics and music. GlascoGraphix provides services to choice clients. So let's talk. Let's create. Let's build a brand that fits your needs, and enjoy all the music and comics GlascoGraphix provides.



What is a Stil Motion Comix?

Watch the video below and find out.

Animation-Video and Music Production

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This musical composition was not put together as much for your entertainment as it is for your understanding that there is a true purpose to life. Every single man, woman and child on this planet has influence in the degeneration of our planet. There is a solution. This solution is simple, but it also takes a super effort of what is called WILL POWER, self discipline, and teaching of Science, Religion, Philosophy, and Art, all as one unit.



Born in El Centro, California. Mixed English, Irish, Scotch, Black Dutch, German, Cherokee and Yurok Indian . Lived throughout Cali and the world. Influenced by East and West Coast artists alike from Grandmaster Flash and the Furious 5 to Rakim, LL Cool J and Big Daddy Kane to NWA, Tupac, Biggie, Outkast, Digital Underground, Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh; not only hip-hop

 artists but all genre's of music. A lover of old school and originality who can flow any style to any beat.


VIDEOS AND ANIMATION Here is a dance short of The Egyptian Pharoh Akhenaten done for a school project. Please click on the button below to view more of our video, CGI, and traditional animations


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